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Anais and Her Scoliosis

By Ilana Nevill

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My Eyes Uncover My Hands: A Pianist’s Journey

By Adam Cole

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On Plasticity and Paraplegia: Some Clinical Observations on the Ability to Recover from Severe Injury to the Spinal Cord

By Carl Ginsburg

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Tools for the Integration of the Feldenkrais Method into Everyday Life: A Phobia Case Study

By Bulent Turan

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A Dancer’s New Lightness: A Feldenkrais Case Study

By Angelica Anke Feldmann

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Willem: Moving Towards Independence with the Feldenkrais Method

Young boy born with Down Syndrome.

By Ingrid Weisfelt, Australian Feldenkrais Practitioner

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Two week-old boy. Will turn head to left only.
By Susan Charbonneau

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Torticollis for 20-years.
By Michael Purcell

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“When I first met Jill she was completely nonverbal and seemed totally unresponsive to people or objects. She did not walk on her own, play or do any independent movement…”
By Mark Reese

For more information, please contact:
Donna Ray

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My Widening World

Strabismus, a term describing a misalighment of the eyes, is often referred to as “lazy eye,” “squint,” or “wall-eye”–lovely terms, each one.
By Kim Cottrell

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