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Intelligent Body: Practicing the Feldenkrais Method

An interview with David Zemach-Bersin

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The Feldenkrais Method and Music… and Musicians

Written by Linda Case and Paul Rubin
Published in the Suzuki Association of the Americas

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The Feldenkrais Method for Musicians

Feldenkrais workshops for professional musicians with Hagit and Uri Vardi. Injury prevention and musical expansion.

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Teaching Awareness to Music Students, Through Movement

By Steve Duke

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Curiosity and Intention: Teaching Music from a New Paradigm

By Stacey Pelinka

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My Eyes Uncover My Hands: A Pianist’s Journey

By Adam Cole

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The Story of Hanoch’s Return to the Flute

By Yochanan Rywerant

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Playing Music “The Feldenkrais Way”: An Interview with Aliza Stewart

By Lavinia Plonka
As seen in the Spring 2007 edition, issue #40, of SenseAbility
Aliza Stewart

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AFFECT: A Hidden Dimension: The Example of Music, Dance, and Painting

By Carl Ginsburg and Lucia Shuette-Ginsburg

Carl Ginsburg

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The Reduction of Muscular Effort: A Key to Music Learning and Performance Efficiency

By David Bersin and Mark Reese

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