Relaxercise Book by David Zemach-Bersin and Mark Reese

Relaxercise Book by David Zemach-Bersin and Mark Reese

Relaxercise is a best-selling collection of 12 highly effective Feldenkrais exercises, developed by Feldenkrais Institute co-founder, David Zemach-Bersin and Mark Reese, Ph.D. Relaxercise is an appealing and accessible introduction to a remarkably effective form of therapeutic exercise. It is safe, non-strenuous, and has a broad range of benefits for people of all ages and abilities.

Each exercise is easy-to-use, enjoyable, and will quickly improve your posture, flexibility and freedom of movement, while alleviating muscular tension and discomfort.

Relaxercise gives your brain an opportunity to improve your body, helping you to refresh and renovate your underlying neuromuscular and skeletal organization. Improvement is painless, and immediate. The unique exercises in the Relaxercise collection are done either while sitting, or lying down. They each focus on a specific area of the body, but also benefit ‘the whole’ self.

“If you don’t have time for exercise, learn the basics from Relaxercise. Make it a part of your daily regimen and you’ll find an easy way to get through these stressful days.”

– Whoopi Goldberg

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