Benefits of the Professional Training Program

The Benefits of Training to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner

The Feldenkrais Method is a unique approach to human improvement and functioning, which is broadly effective and can be applied in a wide variety of fields and settings. Today, there are over 7,000 Feldenkrais Practitioners around the globe. Many of them maintain private Feldenkrais Method practices, while others apply the work in such diverse fields as physical and occupational therapy, child development, rehabilitation, psychology, education, ergonomics, gerontology, the performing arts, athletic performance and massage therapy. Because the Feldenkrais Method offers a unique combination of Feldenkrais techniques for self-development, and a therapeutic perspective for helping others, it is gaining recognition, and playing a role in health enhancement.

Participating in a Feldenkrais Method Training Program will give you a wide range of benefits, both personal and professional. You will experience some benefits immediately, while others will be gradual and cumulative:

The personal benefits of participating include:

    • Improved posture and neuromuscular organization.
    • Improved coordination, balance and breathing.
    • Greater flexibility and ease of movement.
    • Increased vitality, regardless of your age or physical ability.
    • Significant or complete elimination of pain and tension.
    • Fewer inefficient emotional and physical habit patterns.
    • A practical understanding of how your body and brain learn.
    • A better understanding of how to prevent and heal from injuries.
    • Greater confidence in your ability to approach challenges effectively.
    • Profound psychological and emotional growth through self-discovery, and understanding how of emotions, habits, and self image are embodied.
      The Feldenkrais Method Training Program has been a life changing experience, both personally and professionally. It helped me to gain an understanding of the human body that no other discipline gave me, and I am now more effective with my clients. David’s unique precision, clarity and understanding of the Feldenkrais Method, make him the best teacher. Knowing what a profound experience the training is, I am excited for anyone who is about to begin. – Marek Wyszynski, PT, Former National Fencing Champion of Poland

Professional benefits include:

    • Sophisticated practical skills that can be used to improve the lives of others, and to promote healing, change and improvement.
    • Unique approaches to help adults and children with a wide range of chronic aches and pains, orthopedic and neurological problems.
    • An understanding of how to construct positive learning situations for functional improvements.
    • The ability to recognize and transform the underlying patterns which cause physical pain, stress and strain.
    • The ability to have a private practice as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, and options for employment in schools, clinics, hospitals and universities.
    • Innovative tools for learning and teaching, which will enhance and invigorate your current profession.
    • Special applications for working with people in areas such as music, theater, dance and athletic performance.
    • Membership in a growing, international, creative profession.

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